What DBZ character are you?

What DBZ character are you?

In this amazing quiz, you will find which DBZ character you are! Goku, Vegeta, Krillen, Piccilo, frieza, and cell!

published on October 06, 201233 responses 3 4.3★ / 5

How do you feel about fighting?

Stop the fighting!
If it saves anything, yea Ill do it
How about a tournament!
For the dragon balls, anything
Uh sure

What would be your first wish of the dragon balls?

To be invinsible!
Hey, me to number 2!
To raise all my friends from the dead
For kids to be safe
For the fighting to stop.
To rule all

Where would you be if you died

Up to heaven, I've been there before
Where my parents are
Back to life!
With my father
Where the dragon balls are.
With kami

What's your blast?

Special beam cannon!
Big Bang attack
Death ball

What do you do when your not fighting

Seek revenge
Spend time with dad
Plot plan to seize dragonballs
Start tournament
Train students