How hot are you? (1)

How hot are you? (1)

Wanna know if your: Extra hot, Really hot, Celebrity hot, plain hot, or not hot.

published on October 06, 2012148 responses 26
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What's your fave accessories?

My mirror and my phone number
My glasses and freckle's
My fave celebrity so my face.
My mirror and a picture of me.
My plain face.

Who are your friends.

My regular friends.
My celebrity friends.
My popular friends.
My both friends (popular and half popular)
My nerdy friends.

What's your fave glasses!

My big nerd glass.
My really hot sun glasses.
My new hot sun glasses.
My extra hot sun glasses.
My sun glasses.

What's your fave hobby?

Looking at my self in the mirror.
All ways seeing who I look like so I can be hotter.
All ways make sure i'm hot.
Doing my homework and staying out the mirror.
Just having fun then go check my self in the mirror.

Who do you want to be?

Extra hot!
Really hot!
Celebrity hot!
Plain hot!
Not hot.