whats your personality today?

whats your personality today?

a quiz which tells you your personality for the day. take this quiz and see if your a happy chappy or sad lad

published on October 05, 201245 responses 7 3.7★ / 5

what do you like to do in your spare time?

a) chill out with mates
b) sit in your room and cry
c) argue with parents
d) help the less fortunate

when you play sport matches with different schools, what do you do?

a) go up and speak to them
b) shout horrible things at them because you in a bad mood
c) sit in a corner and cry
d) group together with friends from your own school

when you do P.E in school, what is your reaction?

a) miss, do we have to do this i hate it, its stupid and pathetic!
b) yay! p.e i love this idea miss!
c) *tut* dont want to,
d) miss, would you like me to help you with any of the equipment?

what do you like to watch on tv?

corrination street
sad movies
fighting movies

when your at school how do you feel?


at boy at school you dont like asks you out, what do you say?

b)im sorry but i'd rather be friends
c) no i dont want to,
d) erm, i dont know you

did you like this quiz?

yes, one of the best quizzes ever!
no, it was rubbish, i hated it so much.
yes, i dont want this to be the last question :(
erm, im not going to say