Which supernatural are you?

Which supernatural are you?

Are you a: Goddess, Vampire, Plan human, Talking Mirror,or even an Angel find out!

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Who do u want to be


What are your skills!

My skill is telling you where to go and when to go and who to go with!
My skills are that I have ancient powers!My skills are th
My skills are that I have vangs and strengh and speed.
My skills are I can fly and i'm dead and I live in heavon!
My skills are that I love my live!

What's your fave color

Gold and Green
Red and Black
Any color
Don't matter
White or Sky blue

What do u like to be on Halloween

I love being anicent!
I love to look at blood!
I love me some heaven!
I love my own life!
I love my mirror!

Who do u think you are!

I'm a goddess
I'm a vampire
I'm a talking mirror
I'm a plan human
I'm an Angel