Which supernatural are you?

Which supernatural are you?

Are you a: Goddess, Vampire, Plan human, Talking Mirror,or even an Angel find out!

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What do u like to be on Halloween

I love being anicent!
I love to look at blood!
I love me some heaven!
I love my own life!
I love my mirror!

Who do u think you are!

I'm a goddess
I'm a vampire
I'm a talking mirror
I'm a plan human
I'm an Angel

Who do u want to be


What's your fave color

Gold and Green
Red and Black
Any color
Don't matter
White or Sky blue

What are your skills!

My skill is telling you where to go and when to go and who to go with!
My skills are that I have ancient powers!My skills are th
My skills are that I have vangs and strengh and speed.
My skills are I can fly and i'm dead and I live in heavon!
My skills are that I love my live!