What kind of person are you? (6)

What kind of person are you? (6)

find out what type of person you are by taking this quiz. find out if you are: caring, outgoing, creative or active.

published on October 02, 201233 responses 5
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If some forgot their money or lunch what would you say to them?

Go get your own lunch you idiot!
Go and ask someone else I couldn't be bothered.
Here's some (money/food)

Would be rather..

Go to the gym?
Paint, make something?
Stay at home an watch TV?

If your frind was being bullied what would you do?

say to your friend what ever this is it was your fault sort it out yourself you loser!
Say to the bully hwo would you like to be bullied and then go and tell an teacher/ adult.
I couldn't be bother helping you! then say to the bully if you're gonna bash them up hurry up!

If you had the house to yourself what would you do?

Clean the house.
Trash the place and break things!
Watch some TV and then go to bed.
Leave the house and hit the town! yea!
Paint and/or decorate the house.

If you meet a famous person and they asked you for directions what would you say?

Get a map and look it up dumbie!
Sure you go here then there. :)
Ask someone else I am too tired.