Which Striker Are You?

Which Striker Are You?

Find out what striker you are and what you are like. Just take the quiz I hope you end up with your fav

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If you were to discribe me in one word you would say?


You see an intruder in your territory! You?

Fight them, they are not of my clan!
Question them first. They may have a good reason.
Fight them! I will claw there eyes out!
I don`t fight unless necesary.

I have to kill this cat or be kicked out I would rather?

Kill it. Painlessly.
Kill it. Brutally.
Leave. I won`t but I will chase it away.
Leave. I am not harming it.

My favorite Striker is?


If you were to leave your clan where would you go?

I would fight a rogue out of there territory and stay there.
I would move to another clan and stay there.
I would find a place with healing herbs.
I would never leave my clan!