what is your personality???

what is your personality???

In this quiz, you will learn which kind of person you are, from grumpy bugs to spontaneous fun lovers

published on October 02, 201268 responses 12
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If you found a stray animal severely wounded lying on the street, what do you do.

Take it to the vet to be nurtured it and keep it or
find it a home.
Look at it and think about how it represents your

There is a fund raiser at your school. A teacher tries to persuade you to volunteer. You...

DON'T!!! What did anyone ever do for me?!?
Help. I love being of assistance to others!!!

There is a new kid at your school. He/she is sitting alone at lunch. You...

Sit with them of course!!!
Ignore them. DUH!!!

If you were stranded on a deserted island with someone who hates you, why should you team up with them to survive?

You team up because maybe then they will see that
you are not a bad person.
I don't. I hate everyone and don't want to go back
to my miserable life.

At a party, you see everyone bored. You...

Just sit around and not enjoy life.
Get up, be yourself, and boogie your Butt off!!'