Which Fatal Frame 2 character are you?

Which Fatal Frame 2 character are you?

My friend Scorchfur1 is my friend in real life, and she helped me make an account on here..so here I am. XD I, like her, am a major Fatal Frame fan. This is my first quiz, so tell me what yall think! sorry if i did not get this approximately...do not bite my head off.

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What is your favorite sweet?

OMG COOKIES :D -bounces around wildly-
bubblegum. B|

if you see a Blind Man from Fatal Frame 2...and he was looking for you...what would you do?

...I can't do anything...D: He would hurt me...:(
Hold still and hope he does not hear you... DUHHHH.
Take out the camera and be like "DIE BOOBFACE."

how would you reply to this: "Kill mee...D:" <-- a doll from Fatal Frame 2 said that...what would you say?

" I would never harm something as cute as you...unless...you'd hurt me... " <:D
" Okay." -kills-

If your sister told you to kill her, would you?

...If we had to...then yes.
...together forever D:

If you were trapped in a corner, with many ghosts villagers hovering over you like vultures, what would you do?

Shoot them with a camera and be like: "BYE BYE BEYOTCH."
Freak out and cry...:*(
Wipe them out. T-T

You know you play Fatal Frame too much when...

You think every camera is the Camera Obscura and you randomly go around taking pictures of people saying," DIE."
Break any random camera, saying," EVIL."
feel creeped out by a camera, and glomp it.

Did you like thus quiz?

maybe so...you don't know if I like this quiz...the question is...do YOU like this quiz?...because...because I uhm...I...I kinda did...I kinda didn't...so...