wich of my characters are you

wich of my characters are you

well...do you wanna now? if you do then please keep reading if you don't, please click on another quiz or question...an thenks for clikking this...

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someone is teasing you! what would you do?

just wait and you see...
pss no one in school tease me...
sigh...ignore them.
why would they do that?
*scary glare*thats what i'll do
sorry what i cant hear you for the girls screams!
we are actually the one teasing someone

what color is your favorite?

why don't you guess?

favorite animal and why

cats-cause theyre smart and on their own
um...maybe birds because of their songs
a demon is an animal?
tigers and lions- cause the fight back
wolfs-because their brave, strong, etc.
fox- because they move so gracefull
fishes...because yes
dogs because their funny

what do you do in free time?

play jokes
do some sport
well...help people
play guitar, cook, make plans...
go shopping!
free time? i dont have time for such a thing...
play videogames pick street fights, you know

you see someone is bullying a nerdo What do you do

its not actually my problem.karma exist for a reason.
what sould i do? i dont plan to get dirty my nails
sigh...one day they'll get tired and see bullying someone is not the answer to problems.
pff...he is a nerdo i wont save him..he has to learn to defend himself
stop the fight! of caurse
*glare*it's not my problem.
poor guy...i would help him if i wasn't hiding of my fangirls
we nock those guys and take nerdo's money for us...and maybe stole the other part of him

do you like this test?

it was great!
just told me the results
could be better
yeah gotta go