The Girl Quiz

The Girl Quiz

Growing up is like being on a rollercoaster sometimes your up and sometimes your down, but at other times your spinning around.

published on September 24, 2012157 responses 27
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The music you listen to is...

- r 'n' b
- country
- rock
- anything thats playing on the radio

Your in a test, you ace it by...

- Oh look i haven't chose c in a while
- Of course you know the answers you've been studying for a week
- cheat, cheat,cheat
- dont turn up to school

When you were little the thing you wished you could grow up and be was...

- A princess
- A mermaid
- A doctor
- A teacher

Your best feature is...

- Smile
- Personality
- Looks
- Everything, i mean im perfect

Your ideal guy is...

- A rich guy who you absolutely hate
- A poor guy who you love
- A guy who tells you like it is, honesty is the best policy
- A guy who has a sense of humor

Your dream job is...

- Unravelling the secrets of the world
- Haven't thought about it one bit
- Following my dreams and moving to NYC cause thats the place where dreams come true
- Get a job at "hi and welcome to mcdonalds"

If you were to open a business with your BFF it would be a...

- A beauty salon
- Shoes/clothes/accessories store
- A therapy place
- An art studio

You are shopping and someone has dropped a $50 dollar note you...

- Pick it up and quickly slip it into your pocket
- Return it cause thats the right thing to do
- Just walk past it
- Start screaming like a lunatic

You are shopping and you see these pairs of shoes that are to die for but there super expensive, you...

- Don't go crazy, i mean they're just a pair of shoes
- Have you seen the price tag? I've never seen that many zeros in my life.
- Buy them straight away
- Buy them right away, even know you'll be late for dinner with the grandparents.

You wake up late and dont know what to wear, ideas...

- Spend your normal time finding something to wear
- Put on anything you can find
- End up getting to school and your underwear is on the outside not the inside of your pants.
- Go to school in your pj's