Getting through middle school

For any gender. A quiz saying whether or not you would survive middle school. Enjoy. :)

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Getting through middle school

A small new black girl is being bullied by some racist boys. The biggest one picks her up and threatens to drop her in the trash. You...

Tell the biggest one to back off.
Watch nervously and helplessly
Go and get a teacher to sort them out.
Join in the taunting

You like a girl/boy but she/he hates you. This is because in third grade you dropped her dolly down the loo. You...

Beg her/him
Shrug and find another girl/boy
Get angry with her/him and act stubborn

You have just distracted the bully from dropping that small girl into the trash by yelling coward at him. He shakes the girl vigorously and shoves her over to another bully. The biggest one advances on you. You...

Back off and say "Heh...Ur sorry to disturb you...carry on," and run off.
Try out karate on him
"Sorry, I thought you were someone else. Can I join in?"

After cursing and giving you one last chance the bully storms off and starts with the small black girl again. This your last chance to help her. You...

Look at her sympathetically and watch
Run in and save her
Run off and thank your lucky stars

One last question, which timetable would you pick out of these?

Period 1: english
2: Geography
3: biology
4: Physics
5: Mathmatics
6: Mathematics
7:Chemistry club
Period 1: Spanish
2: German
3: Italian
4: Chemistry
5: Biology
6: P.E
7: Smoking club
8: P.E
Period 1: English
2: English
3: Mathematics
4: Mathematics
5: Physics
6: English
7: Brainy club
8: Greek