would you and me be friends?

would you and me be friends?

would we be friends if we met? would you be an enemie? or would you be somewhere out side of my world?

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whats your favrite thing to do out of theese things???

shopping yay!!! oh shoes!!
hunting duh!!!
im always doing something that has to do with horses...
i love cats there sooo cute!<3 im always doing domething that has to do with them<3

ok now whats your favorite animal???

umm what???

if you had a bad day and you need advice what would you do???

come to you and ask what do i do?!?!?!
go find someone else who is popular forget about you!
sit and cry in a corner

whats your fav. activity out of theese???

none of theese

ok now this is important to me!!! if someone comes up and tells you something about me and they say to pass it on and you dont know if its true what would you do?

umm what do you think??? pass it on!!
go tell you and help straighten the mess out
forget about it act like it didnt happen