Who are you in My Little Pony?

Who are you in My Little Pony?

This quiz tells you who are you in the my little pony movie. I am fluttershy

published on September 14, 201287 responses 14
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What will you do when there is a storm outside, and you can just stay in your house and have some extra time?

Read books
Make food
Finish the business orders
Make cakes
Read Daring Do
Take care of others

Live in?

A house with lots of rooms
a barn
Not a palace but like a palace
Normal house
big house
small house

What cutie mark?

What ever, I dont mind my cutie mark
About my family
Something I like
Something I like to do
About Racing
About the creatures I like

What kind of hair?

too color hair
Yellow, I like yellow
Long hair
same color as my skin
I dont really mind

What do you want for your family members

a brother
lots of family members
not a annoying sister plz
I was adopt!
nah no need family members