Does he like me? Girls only!

Does he like me? Girls only!

Find out wheather that guy likes you... plenty of advice from someone experienced ;)

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There's a school dance on and the girls have to ask the boys.
You ask the boy your crushing on
He says...

Um yeah that would be cool
Oh, um, sorry but I'm already going with someone else
Yes that would be great! (he says enthusiastically)

Is he a flirter?

Um no but all the girls love him!
A small bit but he's really nice to
Yeah he flirts all the time!
No not at all. He's kind of shy

You're paired up as lab partners in Science, and you have to come up with an idea for an experiment
Does he...

Hand you a pencil,smile, and ask do you have any ideas
Thinks any idea you come up with is genius!
Strikes up a conversation but comes up with ideas at the same time
None of the above

Does he ever just come up and talk to you for no reason?
You weren't even looking at him

Well he did ask me for a pencil one time
Yeah sure he does it all the time
Yeah, we live near eachother
Yeah and a lot of the time he compliments me (squels!)

You're playing a sport in P.E.
One that your crush is really good at and takes very seriously.
You miss a chance to get the ball and the other team scores.
Does he...

It's okay, don't worry
It's fine, It' fine it's just a game!
Groans at you and doesn't pass to you for the rest of the game even though you are standing next to the goal most of the time!
He doesn't really care! He just keeps playing