Your Philosopher's stone Life! (For both Genders) Part 1!

Your Philosopher's stone Life! (For both Genders) Part 1!

Yay! A New Quiz! (Finally.) This is a Philosopher (Sorcerer for you Americans) Stone quiz life! :D! You can get: (Girls) : Amanda Willson, Charolette Jordan, Hillary Johnson, And Hayden Hills. (Boys) : Roy Harris, Anthony Taylor, Johnathan Willows, and Taylor Hills (Yes, Taylor and Hayden are Bro and Sis.)

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Which name do you like?

Amanda Willson (Girl)
Charolette Jordan (Girl)
Hillary Johnson (Girl)
Hayden Hills (Girl)
Roy Harris (Boy)
Anthony Taylor (Boy)
Johnathan Willows (Boy)
Taylor Hills (Boy)

What (Muggle) Celeberty do you like?

Bridget Mendler.
Cole Sprouse.
Bella Thorne!
Atticus Mitchell
Taylor Swift!
Matthew Knight!
Debby Ryan!
Cameron Boyce!

What House? **GENDER.** *** Girls chose their house and the 'Girl' Button thingy..***

Hufflepuff! (Girl!)
Hufflepuff! (Boy!)
Gryffindor! (Girl!)
Gryffindor! (Boy!)
Ravenclaw! (Girl!)
Ravenclaw! (Boy!)
Slytherin! (Girl!)
Slytherin! (Boy!)

What sounds cool? *** GENDER WISE! ***

HJ! (Girl!)
JW! (Boy!)
CJ! (Girl!)
AT! (Boy!)
AW! (Girl!)
RH! (Boy!)
HH! (Girl!)
TH! (Boy!)

Do you Hope for Siblings? (They will 'Write' to you later in the Story.) *** YOUNGER! AND CHOOSE ACCORDING TO GENDER! *** **** AND AGES? ****

Nope! Just me and my Twin Brother! *Girl!*
Nope! Just me and my Twin Sister! *Boy*
Yep! My Two Sisters: Marni, And Rebecca. And My Brother: Zachary! Ages: Rebecca: Nine! Marni: Seven! Zachary: Five! *Girl*
Yeah... My Sister Allison, she's One Year old. *Boy*
No. None. Only Child. *Girl*
I have One Girl and one Boy Sibling: Names: Girl: Alyssa. Boy: Thomas. Ages: Alyssa: Five. Thomas: Ten. *Boy*
Yeah. Four Sisters, and Four Brothers. Girls Names: Maria, Marie, Zoey, and Jessie! Boys Names: Alex, Ronald, Zach, and James. Ages: Maria and Marie: Ten, Zoey: Nine, Jessie: Eight, Alex: Seven, Ronald Six, Zach: Five, and James: Four. *Girl*
Yeah, Two Sisters and Two Brothers. Sisters: Alexis, and Lily. Brothers: Harry and Charlie. Ages: Alexis: Ten, Lily: Nine. Harry: Nine. Charlie: Ten. *Boy*