What Lacrosse position should you play?

What Lacrosse position should you play?

Answer a series of questions to figure what lacrosse position is best for you. From defense, to goalie, to even a long stick middie.

published on September 12, 201210 responses 2

Are you considered fast?


Why do you play lacrosse?

To lay people out
To score
For exersize
To get chicks
Do I have to have a reason?

Do you like the pressure to be on you?

All the time

Are you good at taking face-offs?

Win everytime
I know how to do them
What's a face-off?

How much money are you (your parents) willing to spend?

Have top of the line everything
Have everthing needed
Might as well be wearing bubble wrap

Do you have good reflexes?


Do you have a decent shot?

Rip tha' Duck
Scored a few times
At least I hit the net