What Hunger Games Career are you?

What Hunger Games Career are you?

Find out weather you are Cato, Clove, Marvel or Glimmer by taking this personality quiz. (ONLY 5 QUESTIONS!)

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Old, boring, unoriginal question, I KNOW ! but i'm asking it anyway...
What's your favourite colour of of these choices?


What's your favourite weapon?

Bow and Arrow

You're in a fight with Katniss and you have a chance to kill her. How do you do it?

With my strenght
The most painful and brutal way possible!
Kill her and walk away! Duh
Hmmm... so many choices

You're are just confronted by Katnisse's mum, Prim and Gale. They're all crying. You were the one who killed Katniss. What do you say th them?

Stop whining!
She's dead! Embrace it!
Walk away!
Get some peacekeepers to take care of this!

You've just WON the 74th hunger games! Ceaser Flickerman is interviewing you asking how you feel about all the other dead tributes. Most of them you killed. What do you say?

Well someone had to win, didn't they?
You laugh and say you don't care about them!
I brought pride to my district! That's all that matters!
I enjoyed killing them!