What is your Signature Style?

Were you born to be glamorous or do you prefer just being the casual girl next door? Find out what your signature style is now!

published on October 30, 201064 responses 15 4.0★ / 5

At the mall, you're most likely to pick up...

A georgeous dress
A hoodie
A pretty top

Your favourite accesory...

A Gucchi bag
A skateboard
A charm bracelet

Emergency! There's a dance coming up and you have nothing to wear! You throw on...

A short skirt with a pair of stilettos
Your best jeans and a hoodie
Some kapris and a tank-top

The guy that you like the most would be...

The quarter-back of the football team
The guy hitting big air at the skate park
The guy goofing off to make you laugh

THere's a slumber party at the head cheerleader's house. Do you go?

No way! They'de try to put make-up on me!
Sure, if my friends were going, why not?

Gossip is...

The best thing invented by teenagers!
Really hurtful if spead badly.