What pullip do you look like?

What pullip do you look like?

First off a pullip is a Japanese doll they are really pretty and I think you should know witch one you look like

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What color would your dream backpack be?

Pink,gold and black stripes
Lacy and white

Whats your favorite color?

Blue,mainly bright
Pink or gold
White or pastel colors
Yellow or black

What do you never leave the house without?

Arm and leg warmers I mean look at me!
Headphones and lip gloss
A bow or something in my hair

Whats your favorite color for lipgloss?

Clear but scented like candy
I only wear lipgloss once and a while
Light pink or red
I dont like lipgloss

What color is your cell phone case?

Light blue with the Hatsune Miku logo on it
Glittery gold and it has some stickers on it
Pastel pink and your name written on it in blue
Green,the exact same shade as your eyes

Do you paint your nails?

Yes! Always blue or black
Pink,gold or white crackle
Blue,pink,green,and pretty designs
Always black or a clear coat

What color are your eyes?

Bright blue with a hint of happiness!
Dark blue

What color is your hair?

Regular colored but I wish it was blue...
Pink! Well at least some of it...
Long and blonde,almost white!
Blonde and its pretty short

Do you wear makeup?

Lip gloss,thats it
Very little just a little bit of eye shadow here and there
Yes a little peach eye shadow and pink lip gloss