Team Chaotix wwffy (5 I think?)

Team Chaotix wwffy (5 I think?)

Okay, to be honest I lost count of how many of these that I made so don't think that I'm stupid OKAY! I'm going through a lot right now!

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You walked inside and ate the piece of candy. Espio walked up to Ezra, but Ezra turned around and walked outside. Espio looked hurt and frowned.

Geez! What's your problem Ezra? (Ezra: None ya beezwax!)
Poor Espio :(
Uh oh! Ezra's pissed, Espio must've done something to tick her off. (Ezra: Yes and No) What do you mean yes and no (Ezra: It's not COMPLETLY his fault)
*Eats candy*

Everyone looked at each other. "What Ezra's problem?" You asked sounding meaner then you expected. Espio shrugged and say down on the couch. Vector shook his head. "I'll go check on her." "No, Vector, it's better to leave her alone." Espio said. You couldn't help, but feel sorry for him. He looked as if he were about to cry.

OMG! Please don't cry! If you cry, I'll cry!
*Sits next to Espio* Are you okay (Espio: No, I'll be honest. I'm a little hurt)
I don't care. Ezra is my friend. (Ezra: It's fine. I'll be okay) If you say so.
Let the drama begin!

You sat next to Espio and stared at the floor. "You okay?" Espio sighed and looked at you. "I don't know. Ezra usually doesn't avoid me." He said. You stared in his eys and smiled. "Hey, I'll go talk to her. Girl on girl." Espio smiled and you got up to find Ezra.

*Keeps staring in Espio's eyes*
*Goes to find Ezra*
Something bad is about to happen isn't it? (Ezra: Actually no) Phew!
^ I don't trust you Ezra (Ezra: Fine.)

You walked outside and spotted Ezra immidiantly. She sat next to a tree and had her head in her hands. "Ezra, you okay?" You asked sitting next tp her. Ezra looked up and glared at you. "I'm fine. Now, just go hang out with the guys. They seem to find more of an intrest in you then me." Ezra said. "Espically Espio." Ezra whispered. You frowned and walked back inside.

The guys... like me?! (Ezra: Isn't it obvious)
I feel so ashamed of my self
No... I need to stay with Ezra (Ezra: *Pushes you inside*)
So that's why Ezra is upset

Ezra later came back in and her eyes were red as if she were crying. Espio got up and rushed over to Ezra. "You okay?" "I'm fine. Just leave me alone." Ezra said walking upstairs where the guys finally finished her room. "Anyway... who's going camping with me and Mighty?" Vector asked. Charmy raised his hand as well as you. Espio sat back on the couch and stared at the ground. "Come Espio, Ezra will be fine. She just needs a little time to cool off." Vector said.

Yeah Espio. It won't be the same without you
I HATE camping though (Ezra: Tough cookies)
YAY! We get to go camping! *Hive fives Charmy*
Will Ezra be okay? (Ezra: Surprisingly yes. The thing that happens is that... nothing.)

Espio shook his head you guys went out caamping.
*Ezra's P.O.V.*
I walked downstairs expecting everyone to go off camping, but of course the dimwit stayed behind. "You were suppose to be camping." "I wanted to stay with you." Espio said getting up.

Ooo, this is going to be good.
Oh no, Ezra and Espio are fighting?
^But, there probably one of the cutest couple that I know

"Why don't you go flirt with ___ some more and leave me alone!" I snapped. Espio glared at me and walked towards me. "Is this what its about? You think that I like ___ over you?! The ridiculous!" Espio yelled. "It's only ridiculous because you know it's true! You been hanging out with her more then me!" "Only because she's new Ezra!" "Oh, so because you know me more you think that I;m boring to hang around with?" "No!" Espio yelled. We kept glaring at each other while i tried to find something to use against him. "But I see the way you look at her." I said more softly. Espio sighed and stared at me. "You've been hanging out with Mighty more." He said softly.

Oh d-(Ezra: No cuss words!) Oh dam! (Ezra: Smarty pants)
:'( Please don't argue like this you guys
It's true, you have been hanging out with Mighty more.

I looked away from him and gave up. "Ezra..." Espio said. He leaned in, but I turned away and stomped upstairs. I mumbled something that sounded a lot like Chill.

Are you cold?
Is he a boy?
OMG! Please tell me that Ezra and Espio aren't going to break up!

*Your P.O.V.*
You were sleeping in a tent when you heard something outside. You went out to check it out. You shone your flashlight and saw something white speed past you.

OMG! Silvy! (Ezra: LOL! No) Dang!
Wait... is it an oc? (Ezra: Yep!)
YAY! We get to meet Ezra's friend
Who is it?

You saw a white hedgehog stand in front of you. "You, I'm looking for a girl." "Of course you are." You said. He looked at you and laughed. "Good one, but no. Her name is Ezra, you know her?" He asked. Before you could answer someone tackled him.

You saw a white hedgehog stand in front of you. "You, I'm looking for a girl." "Of course you are." You said. He looked at you and laughed. "Good one, but no. Her name is Ezra, you know her?" He asked. Before you could answer someone tackled him.