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Wanna know you you are? Take the test and see of your who you want to be!

published on September 07, 201251 responses 19 4.1★ / 5

Which boy would you date?


Which way would brook embarrass you

Pour slime on you infont of every one
Make you wear an ugly outfit to school
Play embarrassing tape of you

What is your favorite dress?


You get pushed down by someone you hate,in return you call them fat and the guy you like sees it you....

Run away
Say sorry

There's a party at Taylor swifts house and you and your enemy see the guy you both like you...

Ponce on him
Kiss him before she does
Tell Taylor he is your boy freind

Up on a moutin top when the sun is setting, you come face to face with the love of your life you...

Fall in love
Stab him
Kiss him