Hogwarts Life- Part 3

Hogwarts Life- Part 3

This is the 3rd part to the previous Hogwarts Life quizzes!! Hope you guys like it!

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What House did you get last time?

Gryffindor! Where the brave dwell at heart!
Hufflepuff! Where they are just and loyal
Ravenclaw! Where those of wit and learning
Clever Slytherin! Where you will make your real friends

What House did you get last time? (I need to ask it so many times so you get the same result so your story makes sense because the 4 stories happen with all different characters and settings :)

Gryffindor! Their daring, nerve and chivalry set thema part
Hufflepuff! Patient and True and unafraid of toil
Ravenclaw! Wise will always find their kind
Slytherin! those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends

What House did you get last time? :( sorry

gryffindor... still as if i'd be anything else
hufflepuff... yeah i'm obviously patient (taps fingers in annoyance)
ravenclaw... obviously with wit like mine where else would i be?
slytherin, it's the best!

Where did your letter tell you to go?

herbology class
edge of forbidden forest

How many people were where you letter told you to go? Are their genders defined?

you only see one person... yet
one person with something else in their hand
about 5, among them 2 men and a women
man/boy and another figure

What have they people you found done to you? (so far)

Throw you a poisonous slug-thing, shoves you to back door
Full-Body-Binded and a Weasley Toffee shoved into your mouth
Trip you, slash your face, tie you to a tree
Body-Bind Curse is put on me and i fall backwards

Who has also been in your House in the past?

Susan Bones
Phineas Nigellus
Albus Dumbledore

What do wizards not in or from your House think about your House?

plain, or hardworking

BONUS: What is Dolores Jane Umbridge's patronus? (the picture is a sketch of Umbridge)

BONUS: What is Dolores Jane Umbridge's patronus? (the picture is a sketch of Umbridge)
strong horse
nasty toad
fluffy cat
small fish