What is your athletic style?

What is your athletic style?

How do you best get exercise and what are your athletic strong points? You will find out here!

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It's open-gym day in gym class. You can do whatever you want to so you...

Join in the basketball game that's brewing
Power walk while talking to your friends
See how many times you can sprint back and forth between two lines
Try and set a personal record for how long you can dribble

While warming up before a big game you...

Do push-ups
Jog in place
Go over the game plan with your teammates

You would be a good....

Journalist: You would get to choose what you do
Teacher: You're a natural leader
Scientist: You would never give up
Doctor: You are good at working with people

What is your favorite color?


What are you most likely to be wearing?

Something casual but fun
Something that's true to your own style
A hoodie supporting your school
Something bright and happy that keeps you going through the day

Your friends say you're....


Your favorite projects in school are...

Group projects
Independent presentations
Written Reports
Drawing and Artistic Projects

In a group project you...

Assign the jobs that your group members will have
Do whatever your group members want you to do
Pick the job that you will have the most fun doing without having to do too much work
Take on a lot of work-- you're good at handling it

For exercise you're most likely to..

Lift weights
Do a workout video
Jump on a trampoline

In a track race, you are most likely to be...

In the lead
In the middle
Going at whatever pace your buds are
Lagging towards the back