Which of the Seven Steves are you?

Which of the Seven Steves are you?

This is based on the characters from the "Saga of the Seven Steves" comic by Theo Solorio. It's just meant to be fun, so don't get upset if you don't like your result. I apologize if the answers are too obvious for which goes with whom.

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What's your favorite color?

What the heck does that have to do with my personality?!?
All colors are beautiful!
Any color I want given my mood.

You see someone in trouble. What's your reaction?

Step in and sort the matter out with reasoning and discernment, and if necessary gentle force.
Do my best to save them, but probably just get beat up with them in the end.
Soothe the bully's temper with words of wisdom.
Ignore them and keep walking. Let them figure out their own problems!
Tell the bad guy they're being so mean and they really need to just be nice so the world can be a happy place.
Breeze in like everything's hunky-dory and charm the bully away from the victim to provide escape.
Join in the fun and help beat the loser up!

What does your bedroom look like?

Neat and orderly. That is the only way a room should look.
Cozy with lots of books and snacks.
It's not what a room looks like, but what it feels like that's important.
Hey! That's none of your business!
Lots of windows to let in all the beautiful sunshine.
Casually messy. C'mon man, life's too short to worry about little things like dirty laundry.
Heh heh, I'm known at my house as the Human Cyclone.

What's your favorite food?

Reuben with a side of potato wedges
Mmmmm, I like too many foods to pick one!
Pizza pizza pizza!
Deviled eggs. Geddit? >:)

What kind of music do you listen to most?

I'm well-versed in all music, but classical is best for relaxing after a hectic day.
Jazz (the Tower of Power variety).
Gentle piano music accompanied by nature sounds.
Heavy metal, and don't you forget it.
*looks around embarrassedly* Air Supply.
Pop rock. Y'know, stuff you can bounce around to.

Favorite season?

Spring. That's when baseball season starts.
Summer. Warm evening walks along the beach with the one you love.
All seasons are created equal.
I still don't see what these questions have to do with my personality...
Fall. Think about all the pretty colors!
Summer. Perfect weather for running around in clover.
SNOWBALL FIGHTS! Oops, guess I should have said "winter" first, huh?

If you could have one super power, what would it be?

Figuring out what to do with my life. That's a power in itself.
Imperviability. Believe me, I could use it!
The power to put the world at peace.
Super strength
*frowns* I like the way I am right now.
Flying! Though I practically can already with the way I run around.
Invisibility. It's so much easier to sneak up on people that way...

What book is often found on your night table?

Finding My Way
The Art of Baking the Perfect Snack
Meditation for the Advanced Soul
The Complete Workout Guide
Happiness is Friends
101 Things to Do Before You Die
The Practical Joker's Essential Handbook

What's your typical activity at the roller rink?

I'm watching from the sidelines. I don't feel like injuring myself.
Uh, skate? Isn't that, like, the whole reason to go in the first place?
Glide about the rink with such grace everyone else is in awe.
Forget skating, I'm hitting the arcade!
I'm not very steady on my feet yet. Could someone help me?
Skate/dance to the awesome music all night long!
I'm a speed skater. Everybody gangway!!

What's your ideal day?

An afternoon at the ball park with a couple friends or a quiet nap session with my cat.
A whole day of no one picking on me!
Communing with nature. It is, after all, our entire purpose for being on this earth.
Road trip on my motorcycle.
A walk through a beautiful garden with my best friend.
Sidewalk surfing, man! (skateboarding)
Oh, the possibilities are endless! I could launch WWIII, have a hyper attack, turn the house upside down...

What's your family relationship like?

I keep it all together. Without me, the family unit at our house would cease to exist.
I have a great relationship with all my family members.
I'm an only child, so things stay/stayed nice and quiet.
None of your business.
My family extends beyond blood to all my friends.
I'm the dreamer in a broken family.
Who cares?

Best movie ever IYHO?

Angels in the Outfield
Indiana Jones
Anything Arnold Schwarzenegger
Disney movies
Nightmare on Elm Street series

If any animal could be your pet, which would you choose?

Just a cuddly kitten will suffice.
Golden retriever. They're so loyal!
Something exotic.
Pit bull. Or rottweiler.
Ummm, a horse.
I'd have cats and dogs both.

Last one. Would you say this has been a fun quiz?

It was a nice distraction for a few minutes, yes.
I loved it!
Life is but a fleeting moment, so we must spend our time wisely.
Oh brother. Why does everyone always ask this one?
I thought it was just wonderful. I'm sorry it's over.
Let's do it again!
Eh, it was all right, but I've got other stuff to do. Like scare the sideburns off somebody!