Which Xfactor 2012 Judge Are You

Which Xfactor 2012 Judge Are You

Which of the four new Xfactor judges are you, Gary, Tulisa, Nicole or Louis?

published on September 02, 201242 responses 7 5.0★ / 5

Which band do you prefer?

Take that
N dubz
Pussycat dolls

How do you label yourself?

The boss
Wild one
Fresh and new
Original and samey

What is your favourite style?

Suit and tie
Short and colourful dress
Shirt and jeans

What do you look for in a good singer?

Nice personality and good singer
Fun and amazing vocals
Makes the crowd involved in performance and pitch
Nice personality and image

Do people like you?

Yeah, I'd like to think
I don't know, I ain't been around for a long time

Do you get booed a lot?

Never, usually the wooh
Yes, a lot
I don't care

Do you care about what people say about you?

No, I have my own opinion
Honestly, it depends what they're saying
Of course I do, and I deserve to know what they say and why
Why shouldn't I