Does Your Crush Like You?

Does Your Crush Like You?

Well does he, take this quiz to find out wether or not your crush likes you, and by the way this is a girls only quiz, so no guys allowed

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You see your crush walk by, what do you do?

Smile a little bit but then keep walking
Smile at him and start talking

Does your crush ever talk to you?

Yes, we have conversations at school, and also on social networks
No, never, usually he just says hi

Does he ever look at you?

Well, I guess so
Dunno, I'm never looking at him

Do you know his birthday?

Of course, who wouldn't know your crush's birthday
Oh, no I don't, isn't that like stalking him

In class, has he ever chosen to sit by you?

Yes, which was odd, but I was over the moon
No, he hasn't

Is he currently occupied by another girl?

I don't know
Yes, but I'll get him

Have you ever seen him on weekends when you've been out


Do you have a large group of friends?

Yes, a gangful
No, just a couple of close ones

Has he ever seen you cry

Yes, it was embarrasing, but sweet
Yes, but he made me cry
No, never
No, which is good I guess

Do you - love - your crush

Of course
Well, love is a powerful word...