I Bed I Can Make You Yawn

I Bed I Can Make You Yawn

Yawn yawn yawn, I yawned when I was doing this so, can I make you yawn, answer truthfully, or yawnfully

published on September 01, 2012147 responses 46 3.1★ / 5

Yawn yawn yawn, can I make you yawn yawn???

Yes, yes you did make me yawn
I was on the way to yawning
No, I didn't

Gimme a Y, gimme an A, gimme a W, gimme an N, it spells yawn

Oh lord, I yawned
Okay, I yawned
Didin't yawn

Yawn yawn yawn yawn, I yawn so you yawn, oh look, I just saw someone yawn

Ahhh, I'm yawning as you speak
Oh, well, I kind of yawned
No, I didn't yawn, god, when is this quiz gonna start making me yawn

YAWN, YAWN, YAWN, Oh I just yawned, yawn yawn yawn

Ohhhh, I just yawnied
Fine then, I yawned
Okay, I yawned, only a little bit

Yawn yawn yawn, okay then, this is the last yawn question, yawnywaynyawn

Okay, last one I yawned
A little bit