Hogwarts Life- Part 1

Hogwarts Life- Part 1

This is NOT like the others!! Slytherin, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff... Mysteries, Secrets, Suspicions, Plots... Find Out!!

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What are your favorite colosr/color schemes?

dark, soothing colors (deep greens, blues, purples, blacks/whites)
bright, colors (lime green, hot pink, electric blue)
solid colors (navy blue, forest green, bold red)
light soothing colors (sea green, teal, )

At the amusement park, you'll usually:

i hold my friends' stuff and watch them have fun... i can't really stand rides
i'll go on it if i like the ride, but if i don't i won't go on it, and my friends should respect that
my friends would never want to be my friends if they thought i was a chicken!
Amusement park, Snooze-ment park... i love the rides... but i wish they'd go a little faster, turn a litter sharper, and were a little scarier

Do you believe all DeathEaters are Slytherins, and that about all Slytherins have wicked thoughts and are somewhat evil?

no! there are smart Gryffindors, daring Hufflepuffs, evil Ravenclaws, and loyal Slytherins out there! you can't steriotype them all together!

Favorite past-times:

Doing wild things with my best friends!
reading really helps em relax and escape the world
anything as long as i don't think i can get into TOO much trouble for it-haha
chilling with my friends! whoo hoo!

Which house are you most SUITED for, not which you like the best because of fictional famous characters :)

Brave Gryffindor
Loyal Hufflepuff
Brilliant Ravenclaw
Cunning Slytherin

Homework (with friends)

I usually get help from my friends, that's why we're friends, we help eachother out
i work on it as hard as i can, but sometimes i just need help
i have my one smart buddy slip me his paper after class, heeheeehee
i usually get it done quicker than my other friends... and i usually explain it over again to my friends

Typically in your group of friends your the one whom they ask:

the dares-they'll know you'll never turn one down
the academic questions, you usually check yourself to make sure your right-as if you need to
who they should bother today, or which class they can be loudest in without getting a detention because of a nice teacher
to be your partner while doing homework-they know you'll do your fair share of work and do your best to get it right