Which Hairstyle Suits You?

Which Hairstyle Suits You?

Okay then guys, I'm now at my third quiz finally and this is for you to find out which hairstlye suits you, are you ready to go, yep, good one.

published on September 01, 2012220 responses 28 3.3★ / 5

You get invited to a totally awesome party from one of your mates, what do you wear?

Some cute outfit, a dress, or dungarees
Skinny jeans, jacket, print tee
Something bright pink
Black, rocky and totally happenin'

You go to get your nails done at the manicure salon, what do you get done?

A different pastel colour for each nail
Funky colours
Filed, fake nails, and french manicure
Black, or red

Which is your favourite shop at the mall?

New look

What is your favourite colour?

Light colours, baby blues, mint green, pastel pink
Vibrant and luminous colous
Pink pink pink
Rocky and edgy colous

In your group of friends, which one are you?

The cute and funny one
Loud, clown and loved
The popular one, if I'm popular, my friends are popular
The cool and awesome one

You go to the corner cafe, what do you order?

Cupcake, hot chocolate
Raspberry turnover and a coffee
Mocha, with extra chocolate dusting
Espresso shot

What genre of music do you listen to?

Hip hop - rap
Boy band, omg, I love One Direction
Rock, stuff with and urban twist

Who is your celebrity female idol?

Victoria Beckham
Cher Lloyd
Miley Cyrus

Which hairstyle do you think would suit you?

Bouncy bob
Half shaved off
Curled and loose
Short and feathered

Now last question, did you like this quiz?

Yes! I loved it
It was awesome
Can I have my results
No, it was pathetic