What Kind of Tea Are You?

What Kind of Tea Are You?

The Tea Room has so many different flavours - which ones suits your personality the best?!

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Your friends would describe you as:

Easily motivated.
Warm and caring.
Loyal and always reliable.
The life of the party.

Whenever you're feeling down you:

Curl up in bed and read a book.
Spend time with friends.
Stop being sad and start being awesome.
Go for a run.
Paint, draw, or write.

Your favourite style of music is:

I make my own music.
Whatever I can dance to.
Jazz or Folk
Lyrical and Acoustic
Old School Rock and Roll

It's Monday morning... You are:

Getting ready to start the day, and out the door
for my 8:30am!
Singing in the shower.
Just getting back from a weekend trip with friends.
Still recovering from the weekend.
Making your roommates breakfast.

When you grow up you want to:

Do something that will give me time to spend with the people I care about.
Travel the world.
Make a real difference for people or the next generation.
Write a novel, paint, or become a musician.
I don't want to grow up!