Which Flashpoint character are you?

Which Flashpoint character are you?

this quiz is for my friend and the tv show flashpoint it is awesome u should watch it

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if the subject(enemy) is about o kill a hostage what would u do?

shoot them with the solution(like back if u r about to get killed)
keep talking them down
just kill the person already!!!!
i get commands from the boss
not really sure its the leader or the bosses call
DONT KNOW i will freak out!!!

would u date ur co-worker even if it risks ur job?

would u date ur co-worker even if it risks ur job?
married have 2 kids
divorced 1 kid im the boss not taking that chance
i would for true love
i know its against the rules but i would but i dont want to lose this job
Why would i i got kids a lovely family heck no

what would u suggest you would need for a mission?

guns ammo flashbangs gernade
my team a few weapons and a bullhorn
a sniper or gun ill kill the person
i dont know what ever the mission is ill be ready
computer and babycakes my robot

whats your favorite color?

dark colors
green or something near that
pink like a power ranger!

who do u think u r most like?

sam braddock
dont know