What kind of friend are you? (6)

Are you the shy one, outgoing, fun, daredevil, or maybe their not your friends at all! Find out by taking this quiz!

published on August 27, 201231 responses 3
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What do you think about making friends?

I don't care what people think of me as long as I have good friends, it doesn't matter
The more friends, the better!!
I want my friends to like me for me, but sometimes i rely on my jokes for friends
I want real friends but I need to open up more for that to happen

What do you like to do the most with your friends?

We have fun and have good times with each other!!
Sleepovers are fun! All day, all night, all day again. In public is fun too! The more time with each other, the better!
We like to go fun places lie the park and the mall. It's where quality time and public humiliation happens.
We go to each others houses and hang out! It's simple but still fun!

Say you and your friend gets in a fight, what do you do?

Fix it. Find a fair, reasonable way to make it all better.
I have other friends. I'll make them come around. If it doesnt work I can say sorry.
Make a joke about it and brush it off.
Make the other person feel bad or just try to fix it best you can.

How much do you open up to your friends?

I like to keep our friendship simple so no one gets hurt.
I tell them everything. Who I like, what I'm feeling, and I'm not afraid to tell them if there's something wrong in our friendship!
We're pretty close so I can complain to them and they'll listen and I tell them about me
were close enough to tell secrets and things going on in our lives

How much do you value friends?

They mean the world to me. I never want anything bad to happen to our awesome friendship.
I'm kind of laid back. I have a lot of friends and it's not hard to make more!
I love my friends to death! I want us to be friends for a long time!
My friends mean a lot! I like them and they like me.

What kind of laughter do you bring to the friendship?

I make people laugh with crazy, weird jokes,
sometimes sarcastic
I make people roll on the floor laughing,
sometimes by making a fool of myself
Im usually the one who laughs at the jokes but I can make them laugh if I want
Public humiliation and mimicking other people in a weird voice