Are you best friends?

Are you best friends?

Having trouble with your best friend? Having had trouble with my BFF you should take this quiz and find out if your really BFFs

published on August 26, 201253 responses 6
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When you have said hi in the past few days what did she say?

Hi and gave me a quick hug
She said hi and walked away

If you invited her to a sleepover what would she say?

"Im sorry I really cant,Im sleeping over at Mias house"
"I wish I could but my mom wanted to hang out that night"

How have you been feeling the past couple of days?

Pretty good we have had this one fight though...
Sad she kind of started ignoring me recently...

When you talk to her does she talk back to you?

No she just hangs out with other girls
Yeah but then she gets back to what she was doing

Do you really want to keep being friends with her?

Not if she keeps acting like this...

If you stop being her friend would she be mean to you?

Nah we just wouldnt talk

Was this quiz helpful?

Sort of
Yeah sort of I kind of dont know....