Are you a Brown Coat, or not?

Are you a Brown Coat, or not?

See how well you know the crew of Serenity. Get all the answers correct, and you earn the right to call yourself a brown coat. Get them wrong and you are reaver food.

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Why does River want to go to Miranda?

To go shopping at the mall.
Expose the truth about Reavers.
Because the Alliance told her to.

How did Book pay for his passage?

Shared canned goods and fresh fruits and veggies.
He paid a lot of money.
He didn't. He was already part of the crew.

What is Wash's job?


What is the name of Jane's favorite gun?


Who is Serenity?

A space ship.
A woman.
My mother.

Simon left a promising career as a what?


How did Kaylee come to be on the ship?

She was having sex with the ships mechanic.
She was a paying tourist who never left.
She's Malcolm's little sister.

What is Inara's occupation?

Human Resources.

Who wrote the series Firefly?

Tim Burton
Steven King
Joss Whedon.

How do Malcolm and Zoe know each other?

They dated years ago.
They were in a war together.
Malcolm hired her to work on his ship.