What Species Of Werewolf Are You?

What Species Of Werewolf Are You?

Our quiz will help determine exactly what species of werewolf you are, so that we can help you to better understand exactly who and what you are.

published on August 25, 2012685 responses 111
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When you transform, what do you look like?(If you can remember.)

When you transform, what do you look like?(If you can remember.)
Like a normal wolf, but bigger and furrier.
Like a wolf, but with a shorter nose and bipedal.
Almost hairless, skinny, bipedal, elfish.
humanoid, long limbs, short tail, wolfish face.
Like your classic hollywood werewolf.
Hairy, bearlike, long claws, four legged.
I dont know, manlike maybe?

What do you feed on?

What do you feed on?
Deer, Moose, you know, standard game.
Moose and Elk. Sometimes other predators. I'll eat anything not human. I love to feed on Vampires most though.
People and animals. But only because im scared of them.
Deer, Fish, small prey, and berries. I am respectful of my kill.
Anything and Everything. I like to eat people.
Anything., Im not too particular.
Anything that crosses my path.

Do you like humans?

Do you like humans?
It is my job to protect them and guide them with my songs.
Pathetic. Slaves.
Does eating them count? Theyre scary!
I have no quarrel with them, even if they harm me, i will protect them and help them if i can.
Sounds like dinner to me.
Whats a human? I cant see anything through my aggression.
I tear them apart... though im not sure why... i dont have a choice.

How well can you control your transformation?

How well can you control your transformation?
I can turn without the moon, but it hurts me and it can be random. I have an inbetween form.
I have control... most of the time. The moon forces me though.
If i drink a special potion it slows the transformation long enough for me to get away.
I can control it very well, but i prefer my wof form, as it is one with nature.
Im forced at the moon, but it also happens at random.
I have no control. It happens at random.
I am a slave to the moon.

What appeals to you the most?

What appeals to you the most?
Loyalty, strength, courage, and freedom.
Power, hunger, greed, bloodlust.
Fear, terror, help, escape.
Peace, quiet, magic, solitude.
Blood, Hunger, Food, Destruction.
Beastiality, anger, hate, greed, selfishness.
Hunger, killing, pain, suffering, agony.

Do you like vampires?

Do you like vampires?
I am at peace with the vampires.
Ill kill them all.
Im scared of them... but then... im scared of everything.
I like vampires. They oftentimes come to me and my kind for medicine and herbs.
I dont really care.
What's a Vampire?
Ill kill anything that crosses my path.

What do you do when you smell blood?

What do you do when you smell blood?
I follow the scent and try to help anyone who may be injured or hurt.
Check it out and stick around for no reason.
Find the source and then run away in terror.
Consult God and then gather the necessary herbs to help this injured being and find them at once.
Go finish off whatevers got itself hurt. Best to put it out of its misery.
Smell blood? Im the one tearing apart the helpless creatures.
Find the source of the blood and then destroy it. Leave nothing left but scraps and bones.

What are your breeding habits?

What are your breeding habits?
Id prefer to breed for life, but that doesnt always work out in todays time.
Im notorious for sleeping around. Especially with human girls.
Mating isnt safe for someone like me.
I will wait for God to bless me with my permanent mate.
I only mate to reproduce.
Who cares about mating when you can kill people?
I dont know. I dont usually have control over myself.

How often do you howl?

How often do you howl?
I howl constantly. I love to sing and share my heart with the night sky.
I howl constantly to assert my dominance. I think im better than everyone else.
I dont howl unless im calling for help. Most of the time i just whimper.
I howl all of the time. I love to sing soft sweet songs to nature. It helps my herbs grow.
I howl loud and alot because i like to scare people. My howl is not very wolfish though.
Pretty often. I like to howl for no reason. Its more of a grizzly moan than a howl though.
Im crazy. I howl 24/7 when im not growling and snarling or eating flesh

How good are your senses?

How good are your senses?
Very good. Better even than a normal wolf. Even better than any other werewolf or vampire species.
Pretty good. Better than a dogs at least. I hear really really well.
Not very good. Theyre all right, probably not much better than a dog or cats thogh.
My senses are much keener than most, although not the best. I have very good eyesight.
Why should it matter?
Terrible. All I ever see is red, and all i ever smell is blood.
I dont know. I wake up naked with no memory, remember?