What animal are you? (9)

What animal are you? (9)

Find out what your adorable animal personality is! Are you a baby duck,kitten,chick,or puppy? Find out!

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Whats your favorite sport?

Um... mabye cheerleading
Hmm I dont have one
Running I do track team

Whats your dream day?

Just sleeping no stupid alarm clocks
A day to just shop!
A day where all I have to do is swim

Whats your favorite color?

Black and white
White or brown

Its time to wake up!
What do you do?

Get ready for another school day and swim
Hit the snooze button on your alarm clock,being
awake is totally just for night
Get ready for a jam packed day of school then major play time!
Get up and put on a yellow fuzzy sweater

Whats your favorite food?

Grains and corn
Fish such as tuna....
I dont know!