Which WarriorScratch Clan Should I Join?

Which WarriorScratch Clan Should I Join?

This quiz is for people on Warriorscratch.webs.com come and join if your a warriorcats fan!

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What Territory fits you the best?

A dark cool forest to offer me protection
Open land where the wind rushes through my fur
Thickets of brambes and thorns that gaurd my territory
Rugged hillsides and dark caverns
Anywhere safe from the elements

What prey sounds the tastiest?

I tried mouse once
Warm eggs
Why be picky? If I eat I eat

When hunting, where would you search first?

In a quiet cavern
The tallest grass
I dont hunt
The darkest part of the forest
Under logs or rocks
Near twolegplace

What best describes your pelt?

Dark colored and thin
Ragged usually ruffled
Light colored and thick
Earthtoned and Long/thick
Soft and well groomed
Sandy colored to dark

What word best describes you?


Big or small?

Lean with broad shoulders
A Large well muscled cat
A large cat with strong hind legs
Small but plump
A tall cat
A thin slick cat

Most Imporatant Rule of The Warrior Code to You?

Warriors reject the soft life of a kittypet
No cat may neglect a kit in pain, or danger, even if that kit is from a differant clan
Boundires must be checked and marked daily, challange all tresspassing cats
I dont go by the warrior code
The word of the clan leader is the warrior code

How do you see kits?

They are the furture of the clan
My Pride and joy
They may be annoying, but they are important
I watch my kits, and no one elses
The most well taken care of cats
Potential power

What are Twolegs to you?

The enemy of all cats
Our loyal friends
Ignorant foxdung
Annoying but useful
I pay them no mind