Are you trustworthy and good at keeping secrets?

Are you trustworthy and good at keeping secrets?

Just felt like making one of these quizzes because I'm so bored. Lol more words are needed apparently.

published on August 23, 201273 responses 8
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If someone told you they had a really big secret and they didn't want anyone to know except you, what would you do?

I'd give them my word that I would tell a single
I'd tell them that I won't tell anyone, but I'd tell
people that it concerned
I'd cross my fingers behind my back and promise I won't tell anyone

If I offered to give you my life savings in exchange for someone's secret, would you accept?

No! It's a secret, no one else is supposed to know
Probably, I'm that kind of person
I'd tell them that they didn't need to bribe me but take the life savings anyway

In school do/did teachers trust you to do tasks for them?

All the time, I was always running around for the teachers
Sometimes, but people like the person above me usually got to do these tasks
Never, they can't trust me with anything

What kind of job do you think you'll be getting when you're older? If you already have a job, what kind is it?

Something really important like the President or a lawyer
A nurse/doctor or a vet
Working in a KFC, the only thing they can trust me with is cooking chicken

On a score from one to ten (ten being the highest) how hight do you think people would rate you on being trustworthy?


Wasn't this a nice short quiz?

Yeah, it rocked!
It was cool
Don't worry, I won't tell anyone that you can't by bothered to put anymore questions on (lies)