Are You Shy?

Are You Shy?

The name says it all. This is one of my first quizzes so please don't hate. :) HAVE FUN!!!

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RP time: You are in your car singing at the top of your lungs and then you look outside the car and see your crush looking at you funny. What do you do?

"ummm...hi" and hide your face
scramble into the back of the car hoping they didn't recognize you.
"heeeyyy how do i sound?" me: same it'd be SOOO funny!

RP time: You are at a dance and a slow song comes on. You can see your crush on the other side of the room. What do you do?

walk over to them and say "wanna dance ____?" and smile at them.
walk over with a group of friends and shyly say "hi."
stay away from that side of the room and PRAY that they don't come over.

Do you think that you are shy?

ummm ya i'm REALLY shy.
NEVER NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE me: awwww yeah
ummm not around my friends.

describe yourself in 3 words

shy, shy and quiet
shy around strangers

pick a word/ sentense (sorry for any spelling errors)

hang out with friends.
read or do something quiet