Are You Sweet or Sour?

Are You Sweet or Sour?

Are you sweet like sugar or sour like a lemon? You will find out in this Quiz!

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You are at a party. What are you going to do first?

Chat with your friends.
Sit down away from the crowd with your bestie.
Get in an argument with your brother.

You are in a 5 star restaurant. What will you eat?

A glass of pop
Triple Chocolate Cake
Grilled salmon with a hint of lemon

You see someone bully a little kid. What will you do?

Go up to the bully and say "Pick on someone your own size!"
Just stand there and watch.
Run to the nearest adult and tell them.

Your grandparents come over for Thanksgiving. What will you do when they sit down at the dinner table?

Walk over to them and give them a great big hug.
Oopsie! I forgot there was a squeaky toy under grandpa's butt!
Serve them what they want to eat.

LAST QUESTION: What do you think you will be?

Lemon Sour
Sugar Sweet
Yummy Lemonade