Could your survive A F13 movie?

Could your survive A F13 movie?

Your dream takes you into a F13 movie. Can you survive? Or does Jason claim a new victum?

published on August 21, 201234 responses 3 5.0★ / 5

You feel a dark presence. You

A. Ignore it
B. Get a weapon

A friend gos outside and is gone for 8 hours, Do you

A. Go find him
B. Stay away, you don't wanna face what happened.

You friend goes to the bathroom. You hear a scream and then a crack. You

A. See what happened.
B. Arm yourself and your friends.

5 of your friends are gone,4 people and you remain. What do you do?

Go find them.
Prepare for a long night of fighting.

This is it. The Final Showdown. You are fighting Jason, he is almost dead but still puts up a fight. What do you do?

Kill Jason but not before he slits your throat, killing you but now your friends are safe.
Drive a car into Jason until he is in the lake and jump out of the car before it hits the lake, trapping Jason, but you break your arm as you save your friends.