Could you survive a Friday the 13th movie?

Could you survive a Friday the 13th movie?

You have a dream where you are in a Friday the 13th movie. Do you know how to survive?

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You get to the house but you feel an ominus presence, what do you do?

Ignore it, its your first time in the woods.
Worry a little, but shake it off.
Worry so much you get a large weapon.
Worry, and get a pistol.
Go find what is going on alone.

It is dark out and your friend hasn't come back yet. What do you do?

Hide with a large weapon, its ok to be a little paranoid.
Look for your friend, he might be hurt.
Hide with a small weapon.
Don't worry. Your friend is always late.
You look for him and don't come back until you find him.

You see a dark figure at the end of the trail, you look back and it is gone, what do you do.

Go say hi.
Try to forget it.
Arm yourself with a small weapon.
Try to kill it. Alone.

The power goes out, what do you do?

Hide, its your only hope.
Go fix it.
Stay where you are.
Get everyone together.
See if anyone was messing around with the power box.

Nothing happens during the night, and when it is morning, you see your friend, dead in the water. What do you do?

Don't tell anyone, they will freak out.
Go move the body so no one notices.
Tell everyone that you think you should leave, no one
else agrees.

It is now dark out and your friends go to the bathroom. You hear a scream come from your friends. What do you do?

See what happened.
Ignore it.
Hide where no one can find you.

You are fighting Jason, what is your weapon of choice.


It is down to you, your injured friend and Jason. He is wounded, but still puts up a fight. What do you do?

Force Jason into the car and drive into the lake,
jumping out before the car hits the lake and breaking
your arm. You are both safe
Fight Jason into the lake. He gets stuck in the lake, but
you drown, saving your friend.
Cut Jason's head off with his weapon so he is gone for
Kill Jason as you are thrown against a tree, getting a slit throat. Your friend is safe.