Would you survive the Hunger Games?

Would you survive the Hunger Games?

You got reaped to be in the Hunger Games. Would you survive or die trying?

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You are on your plate. You see a sleeping bag next to a backpack. However, you noticed a sword near a bag of apples. What do you do?

Get the sleeping bag and pack, I don't wanna die.
Gt the sword, I can fight.
Walk off your plate early.
Run into the woods, I don't wanna be part of the

You survived the bloodbath. What is your strategy?

Set up camp near a hidden water source.
Walk into the Cornucopia and look for leftover
Ally with Careers.

You are sleeping when you hear footsteps. It isn't any of your allies. What do you do.

Offer them some food and an alliance.
Kill them, you want to win.
Offer a fight. ( You have a dagger, she/he has a
Wake up your other allies to check it out.

So you broke your alliance with the careers. You got stung by tracker jackers. When you wake up, you see a young girl behind a tree. What do you do?

Kill her, you don't ally.
Don't ally with her but give her supplies and make a
truce not to kill each other.
Ally with her, you need food.
Act like you don't notice her.

Imagine you allied with the girl. You saw her get killed while you were in a tree. What do you do.

Offer an alliance with the killer.
Kill the killer and take the suppplies.
You don't kill, just wait for him to leave.

You hear an announcement saying 2 people can win. What do you do?

Go find your district's other tribute.
Run into the woods finding a Career tribute.
Kill your district's other tribute. You hate each other.
Don't do anything.

You hear strange noises in the night. It isn't from a human. What do you do?

Stay where you are.
Try to kill the thing.
Offer an alliance with the mutts. (Me: ARE YOU OUT

You are in the final 3. Your partner is being attacked by a tribute. What do you do?

Kill them both, you will win.
Kill the other tribute, so you both win.
Run into the mutts.
Do nothing.
Attack the tribute with your bare hands.

The rule change was revoked. What do you do?

Kill yourself so your ally wins.
Pull out poison berries and threaten to eat them so you
both win.
Kill your ally.
Run off into the woods.
Do nothing.

You won the games. What do you plan on doing?

Try to think of what would've happened if you didn't
Make a memorial in the woods for your allies that died
in the games.