how old are you[6-20]

betcha i can guess your age if u dont think i can well give me a try cuz i probably can,let me just find some questions 4 u

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do you have miny you's and by that i mean kids

hegs naw
no what u thinking
hey thats to personal

do you got a boyfriend

yep i gotta bae
yea duh i gotta boyfriend do u no how old i am
no nobody like me
i got 100 boyfriends
...mind ur own business

do you have a job or naw

naw i dont got a job...of course i got a job
naw im way to young
im almost old enough to get one but get out ma business
no im basicly partying

do you still go to school

duh middle school
no mug i graduated
yea but what 2+5,000
yea of course

u gotta phone

no cuz im to little:(
duh dats how i talk to bae
yep i just got it

do you have sleepovers

yea dats were i talk about boys
ummm no
not anymore
uhhh duh y not
i have birthday parties but ma mamma cant deal with all these kids

do you have a teddy bear

yea and nobody mess with ma wuddy puo
no mug im to old 4 dat stuff
yea because it reminds me of ma grandma