Do you have a crush on your teacher? (Quiz for girls only)

Do you have a crush on your teacher? (Quiz for girls only)

This quiz is about finding out if you have a crush on your teacher or not.

published on August 18, 2012169 responses 18 3.6★ / 5

Do you get nervous when he walks by you?

Nope!!! I make fun of him when he isn't looking.
Yeah how did you know? Me: (because ive liked one of
my teachers before too)

Do you pay attention in class?

I sleep in his class.
Yes, it's my favorite class ever!!! I enjoy listening to

Do you text in class when he isn't looking?

OMG!!! YES!!!
Hell no, i don't wanna get in trouble...

Do you pass notes in class to your friends about him?

Yes, and very mean one's my friends think it's funny.
I write notes to myself does that count?

What do you like most about him?

None of these below.
His smile.
His laugh.
(Not listed)

Do you think this quiz sucks?

Yes it's lame.
No, it doesn't suck.

Have you been over at his house before or do you want to?

GROSS! no way!
I want to.

Last question... Are you ready for results?

No im scared.
Yes i am, yes i am...