Which magician are you like?

Find out who you're most like --Leal or Celestria.

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Which magician are you like?
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If someone needed help you would....

Not do anything at all; it's their problem and not mine.
Help them of course
Yell for someone else to help them because I myself am not going to waste my time

Would you work with someone who is entirely different from you?

Absolutely not! That's outrageous!
If I have no other choice, yes.
Yes, because I do not want to be alone

If you had strong feelings for someone you would....

Not bother telling them because they might not feel the same way
Keep those feelings to myself
Tell them because I'd rather know than never know at all
Hint to them how I feel so I can slowly tell them

If you had magic you would use it for...

Whatever be necessary

Which living environment do you prefer?

Small town --country

You dislike....

Making promises that I know I have to keep
Keeping feelings and thoughts inside myself; I'd rather just come out and say what needs to be said

You like....

Working at my own pace and feeling significant
Being with another and making jokes

I am....

Serious and thoughtful
Funny and comical
Moody and upset
Happy but worried

I'm most closest to....

My family
My friends and those I work with
A person I feel strongly for

You would trust a person when...

I had to and had no other option
If they were someone I've known for an extremely long time
I decide it's right to