Fun quiz

In the fun quiz you will learn your personality and how your felling now

published on August 17, 201239 responses 10 3.6★ / 5

What anamal is your faverote out of these

Doesn't matter I could care less
A fish or bird
Cheetah or kangaroo
Lion or elephant
Seagull or a bug

If you had to eat anything rite now what what would it be

Somthing small or quick
Something that tast good and sweet oh ice cream!
Something that takes a long time to eat like a box of cheezitz
Cake cup cake pancakes yeah that stuff
I don't care whatever i don't care cream chees

What are you doing

Laying around on the couch
Moping around
Playing and doing something fun!
Whatever many different things

Rite now I am with

My self I want to be alone
Who cares but soon someone special
People, does it really matter
My friend or siblings
I want some one fun and adventurous

What is your faverote color rite now

Bright orange or yellow
I don't care cream chees
Blue or black
Pink or green
Red or purple