how nice r u

how nice r u

take this quiz if you want to know how nice you are to friends and family.

published on August 16, 201267 responses 8
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you're walking home and you see a homeless guy on the street that needs food and you have a little bit of money.what do you do?

walk right past trying to ignore him.
you stop and give him a little bit of money

its family night but the new harry potter movies coming out that night and some friends invite you to come see it.what do you do?

stay night is important!
go see the new harry potter movie DUH!

if you won $1,000,000 would you give any to charity?

no way!all the money belongs to MEEEE!

you're talking on the phone with your BFF and your mom just came home from a long day at work and asks you to do the dishes.what do you do?

ignore her and keep talking on the phone with your friend.
tell your friend you have to go and do the dishes.

If your friend is very upset and calls you to see if you can come over but you're supposed to be doing your homework what do you do?

rush over to her house right away.Your friend needs
you,homework can wait!
tell her you have to finish your homework.maybe

someone invites you to their birthday but not your best friend.what do you do?

go to the friend will understand...right
if your friend can't go than you can't go!