Are you a flower or a animal

Are you a flower or a animal

What are you a ruthless animal or a sweet flower? Find out here ! This test will give you the answers.

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Do you like to do the right thing?

Of course what else would I do
No way I do what I want when I want

How would your friends describe you ?

Sweet with an edge
Friends what friends I travel alone!

Whats your fav show ?

Buffy the vampire slayer

Would you rather run or fly?

Fly I could go anywhere
Run just cuz I wanna

Whats your fav type of music ?

Heavy Metal

How do you dress

Black and metal
Pink and light colors

What do you like to do when youre alone?

Sing and dance around all frilly
Im always alone I like it. like I said I travel alone

How do you feel?

Unhappy and mean
Gumballs and rainbows

Whats your fav thing to eat ?

Meat meat and more meat!
Fruits and veggies YUM!

Your friend asks you if she looks pretty in a dress she likes even if its the most ugly dress in the world.

Lie and say it looks great on her.What she doesnt know wont hurt her
Keep it real and tell her she looks gross