Which Spongebob character are you? (6)

Which Spongebob character are you? (6)

Which character are you most like and which ones would you get a long with the most?! Find out by playing this fun and accurate quiz! ;)

published on December 20, 201430 responses 9 4.0★ / 5

What's your favourite food?

Ice cream, donuts, cakes, kelp jerky, hot dogs,
krabby patties and EVERYTHING!
Icecream, jelly patties
Krabby patties, salad
Krabbie patties, nuts,
salad, fancy food
Chum, holographic food
Salad, cake

What's you're dream career?

Master Fry cook
A millionaire
A celebrity
An owner of a successful restaurant
A genie
A rodeo star
A scientist
An inventor
A karate star
A karate king

What's your favourite type of pet?

A cat
An interesting exotic animal
A rock
A loyal companion that does everything I say!
A pet's too much money
A prettey pony
An impressive pure bread.

What do you do in you're spare time?

Jelly fishing, bubble blowing, sports, TV, karate, friends
Clarinet playing, art, being a TV critic
Shopping, gossiping, partying
Counting me money,
Karate, science, inventing, extreme sports
Plan to steal the krabby patty formula, attract customers
Nothing, jelly fishing, eating, bubble blowing

What's your favourite place?

Ice cream
On a lovely vacation
Krusty Krab
In a fancy mansion, a musicians concert
The place where I win
At a boy band concert

How old are you?


What are you all about?

Being rich
Being popular and cool
Ice cream
I don't care any more
Things being right

What's something that you would say?

I hate all of you
That's totally coral
I'm ready!
Howdy yall
Money! Money! Money!

What type of game would you play?

I don't like games
Nyan cat
Diner dash
Grand theft auto
I'm not a nerd
Call of duty

What type of technology do you preferred the most?

Obeying robots, computer
Cool technology that helps you with your everyday life
Xbox/ps, something fun

How smart are you? Be honest

I'm smart at finding ways to make money
Average, but I'm clever at a few things
Very smart
Really dumb
I'm artistic and cultured

Why did you take this quiz?

Idk it looked cool
I have nothing better to do
I really don't know
I wanted the answer
It's interesting
I didn't what it was
It was getting in the way of my news feed